Hello, people of the world. And welcome to Minor 5 Emporium. Thank you so much for joining us. We’d love to tell you a little more about who we are and what we’re doing.

Lance and I (Morgan) love all things of the odd, strange, supernatural, or magical manner. Whether that’s art or museums or books or music or movies, we’ve celebrated a common love for the fantastic, the mysterious, the odd, and the curious. Moving to Granbury, Texas in 2014, we found ourselves falling in love with our little town—specifically for the lore and legends that surround it. Every Halloween night, we take our kids and our flashlights to the local cemetery to visit Elizabeth Crockett, the late wife of Davy Crockett (famous from the Texas Alamo). Wherever we go, we’re visiting cemeteries, museums, and historical sites. Even our kids love it.

Couple that with the fact that I (Morgan) am an artist, musician, and author of all things fantastical & magical. From the time I was a child, I have been creating in one medium or another every day.

One day we started thinking… What if there was a way to celebrate all of our passions? What if there was a way to give true artisans and craftsmen a fighting chance in a world where everything is mass-produced and shipped on a barge? What if we could have a corner of the world that celebrates the unique and the odd and the magical and the handmade?

So we started Minor 5 Emporium.

Here you’ll find everything from legends and ghost stories, attractions and foodies, art and artisans—all of the macabre, the odd, the antique, the magical, and the strange. Everything featured on our site is from a real person. We’re celebrating what made our nation great, and diving into the history that got us here.

We’re just curious folk, celebrating the curious. Come join us!

Here’s a Blurb About Us:

We were founded with a single idea: to celebrate the curious. We aim to give true artisans a fighting chance in an ever-increasingly mass-produced, cookie cutter world. Minor 5 Emporium believes in the gift of art and the delight of the unexpected. That’s why here you’ll find artisans who hand make, custom design & self-produce. You’ll find writers, artists, musicians, craftsmen, and curators. And you’ll find lies, legends, and lore that are sure to whet your appetite for the unexplained, the outlandish, and the curious.

Founded in the historical town of Granbury, Texas, Minor 5 Emporium features mostly Texan legends, artisans, and stories. That’s not to say that everything you’ll find on the site is from Texas. But, you know, we Texans are proud folk. It’s a southern thing.

From the odd to the unique, from the magical to the antique, if it’s curious, you’ll find it at Minor 5 Emporium.

By the Curious. For the Curious.

Join us on this journey and please share our site! And if you know of a great artisan, or maybe an obscure legend, contact us! We want to hear from you!

~Lance and Morgan Farris