Wishing for Curiouser Days

I sit here today in the heart of Texas, with the sun blazing down upon me, the temps soaring well into the nineties (cool for a Texas summer, I confess), and long for October. I’ve been listening to the Sleepy Hollow Soundtrack (Danny Elfman’s masterpiece, of course) in hopes of drifting off into halcyon autumnal bliss.

It’s still July.


Alas, only three more months.

Anyway, I recently ordered myself my Strange and Unusual pillow from the Emporium, simply because I had to have it for my new living room. It’s too perfect. And it’s soothing my dark little soul. And I thought perhaps you’d enjoy a bit of a treat yourself (no tricks. It’s not October, you see).

Grab a free phone wallpaper of my original design here!

Free Wallpaper

And if you’re so inclined, pick up the pillow for your spooky living room, too. Perhaps together we can usher in the coming season a little more quickly.

Strange and Unusual Pillow

Until October…