Interested in becoming an Artisan for the Emporium?

Minor 5 Emporium is a collective, built on giving independent artisans a place to celebrate the unique, odd, handmade, and antique. We believe in the lost practice of craftsmanship and we believe that art matters. With that in mind, not every artisan is a fit for the shoppe, and likewise not every product is a fit. We are selective about what we allow on the site, so please keep in mind that a rejection does not necessarily mean your art is not good; it might just mean that it’s not a fit for our brand. Consequently, even if your application to become an artisan is accepted, it is not a guarantee that every product you submit will be approved for sale on the site.

If you make, curate, or craft items of the gothic, victorian, sword & sorcery, fairy tale, fantasy, science fiction, Medieval, or the carnival/circus/freak show vein, you might be a fit. However, while we love the odd, the curious, and the strange, we are not looking for Satanic, erotic, or otherwise not-appropriate-for-your-grandma items. Please keep in mind that this is a family-friendly shop.

If after reading all of that, you think your stuff might be a fit, we’d love to get to know you. Please remember that not all applications will be accepted. We will review your submission and get back to you promptly with our answer.

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