Minor 5 Emporium

By the Curious. For the Curious.

We were founded with a single idea: to celebrate the curious. We aim to give true artisans a fighting chance in an ever-increasingly mass-produced, cookie cutter world. Minor 5 Emporium believes in the gift of art and the delight of the unexpected. That’s why here you’ll handmade, specially curated, and custom-designed oddities, curiosities, and antiques. And you’ll find lies, legends, and lore that are sure to whet your appetite for the unexplained, the outlandish, and the curious.

Founded in the historical town of Granbury, Texas, Minor 5 Emporium features mostly Texan legends, artisans, and curiosities. That’s not to say that everything you’ll find on the site is from Texas. But, you know, we Texans are proud folk. It’s a southern thing.

From the odd to the unique, from the magical to the antique, if it’s curious, you’ll find it at Minor 5 Emporium.

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